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The new generation of 30-something men have grown up with the likes of David Beckham & Brad Pitt as style icons, breeding thousands of copycats who no longer see salons as the domain of women, a third of men would now describe themselves as vain. One in three men also admitted that they indulge in a beauty treatment at least once a month to maintain their looks.



File, soak, cuticle work, hand & arm massage & finish.


File, soak, cuticle work, hard skin removal, foot massage & finish.

​45 mins           £27.00

45 mins                 £30.00


Back 30 mins                     £26.00

Chest 30 mins                   £26.00

Eyebrows 15 mins             £11.50

Back & shoulders 30 mins            £29.00

Chest & abdomen 30 mins          £29.00

Full arm 30 mins                  £24.00

Neck & shoulders 30 mins        £25.00

Underarm 15 mins                            £12.00




Don't let problem skin cramp your style, from razor rash to stressed skin, whatever your skin dilemma we have got it covered.

60 mins                       £55.00

90 mins                       £65.00

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