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What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis or Lipo Sculpture is a new safe form of laser liposuction that can really change your body, almost instantly.

Liposculpt uses a mild low laser (or cold laser) treatment to reduce your body's fat. It is not cosmetic surgery. It's non-invasive, there are no needles or injections. 

It is painless & you do not need to take any time off work afterwards. Liposculpt gives you the results of liposuction without the surgery.

What areas can be treated?


*Hips / Love Handles


*Upper Back Fat

*Lower Back Fat

*Arms / Bingo Wings

*Baby Bulge

*Double Chins

*Above Knee Areas


*Male Breasts (Moobs)

1 session                                 £55.00

Course of 3                            £135.00

Course of 6                            £240.00

Each session is approx 60 mins

Guaranteed to lose at least 6" targeting stubborn areas for up to 30 days.

The wrap is excellent for:Fluid Retention, Dry Skin, Cellulite, Eczema & psoriasis as well as inch loss.

Guide lines need to be followed for 3-4 days for best results

Full body 90 mins                £60.00

Course of 3                          £145.00

Part body                           £50.00

Course of 3                       £120.00

Spare underwear & Socks are required

Universal Contour Wrap

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